Learn how to renovate homes by going through our on the job training program. You can learn plumbing, electrical, HVAC, as well as carpentry, drywall, flooring, roofing, and painting. Our licensed plumber, registered electrician, and master carpenter have a combined 150 years of experience that they bring to the supervision and training of our workers. They emphasize high standards and quality of work and train our young people to pay attention to detail, complete work in a timely fashion, and take pride in their results.

You will be paid a stipend for hours on the job. You will be expected to spend some classroom hours learning which will not be paid hours. And if you are interested in housing for yourself or your family, you can also participate in the tenant-owned housing cooperatives, where you earn shares in the properties we renovate, and where ANEW members like yourself can live while building wealth towards the future.

Most important, this program trains people from our community and puts them back to work! You'll be doing the kind of work that can't be outsourced -- rewiring, roofs, plumbing, kitchens, bathrooms, decks, and much more!